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Slander Tactics

Stripped of context, the victim’s reactions appear to be unprovoked—as if out of the blue and without reason—with deceived bystanders, unaware that they are being used as pawns, hopping onto the bully’s bandwagon as a possible result, strengthening his position and making his victim look like the wrongdoer.

Slander (album)“OMG yes, before I finally resolved to go NC [No Contact] all the way and blocked his calls and texts, he would text me nasty remarks to which I replied in the same vein. I later learned he’d shown the reply texts to others without showing the one’s he’d sent to me first, which were obviously meant just to goad me into responding so he could say “see, she won’t leave me alone, she’s stalking me”. I still haven’t gotten over my anger at this and everything else he’s done. Some days are better than others; today’s a bad one.”

Socio/psychopaths lack empathy and moral values. They have no qualms about using dirty tricks to get the upper hand and they have no remorse when they cause suffering to others. Some of them actually enjoy it.